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GROWUP - StartUp Center of VŠEMvs

View and vision

Startup Center GROWUP of School of Economics and Management in Public Administration (abbreviated to “VŠEMvs“) in Bratislava  has launched by influence of VŠEMvs in Bratislava and Alumni Club VŠEMvs c.a.

The main purpose of this centre is to be instrumental in progress innovative power of businness activities for students, school-leavers and for general public, too.
GROWUP would like to change, support and start up realizing their ideas to commercial activities..

Ethics code Startup Centre GROWUP of VŠEM


  1. Special workshops –  to offer set of special and motivational workshops by VŠEMvs educationists and external authorities from economic sphere. Moreover, there it´s a training programme of given theme, problem analysis and right exempla.
  2. Expert´s – sermonizing support – special consulting different areas of project´s processing, since the start floatation of a new company. It is concerned project, legal, economic and accounting consulting.
  3. Contest innovative approaches – GROWUP would like to arrange contest of the most innovative device at least once a year. This idea should be implemented to the economic sphere according to expert advice of VŠEMvs educationists and external authorities from economic sphere. The best ideas will be held with the financial help.
  4. Project´s engaging in domestic and international contests – active support, searching financial sources to executing projects, e.g. call for tenders, foundations a.o.
  5. Support for constitution of the company and space for beginnig business incubator
  6. Activities of GROWUP can designate as coworking centre in different stages of business incubator.


Training programme GROWUP is based on informal education in StartUp centre VŠEMvs, in motivational character with the purpose to start up creative business of our customers. There is the other effort to teach them savvy directly or through the right exempla.

Activities of training programme we can divide to 3 basic areas, whereby brand and frequency of training programme are independently unbroken. .

  • How does it works?
    Reserved on Tuesday! To provide a guide how does it works, how does move along.
  • Walkin Motivator...
    Reserved on Wednesday! Set of motivational workshops of our VŠEMvs school-leavers, businessmen and other social authorities.
  • Teach yourself...
    Reserved on Thursday! Get new skills through the informal education.

You need Registration, check in is for free. 

Price list

Under authority of founders GROWUP are events for students and school-leavers for free.
Details of price list will be made public additionally.