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Institutes and departments

Institutes and departments

The scientific and pedagogical offices are part of two institutes:

The institutes came into existence as a result of the qualitative and quantitative development of the school. One of the most significant qualitative developments was the awarding of the right to offer instruction in the Master stage in the study program Public Administration starting from the academic year 2008/2009. The number of teachers and students increased, original departments were reshuffled and new ones emerged in order to form a creative environment for the development of particular scientific disciplines and study programs. These changes also became the impulse for the management of the school to improve the system of management and control of the work of departments by means of introducing institutes.


In terms of the statute and rules of organization, the institutes are units of organization and school-wide pedagogical and R&D workplaces. Their main mission is to manage and coordinate the operation of the individual departments and their pedagogical, R&D and consulting activities, and to direct their business activities and foster the enhancement of performance and quality of work of all employees of the institutes. They contribute to the forming of personal, material and financial conditions for all activities of the departments, which are the basic units of organization, and the role of which is to provide the pedagogical, R&D, publishing and other activities of the school. The role of the institutes is to activate the departments to a systematic cooperation with the workplaces of the R&D base, the organs of public administration and self-government, partner universities and business subjects in Slovakia and abroad