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Internal projects funded by the Grant Agency of BUEM

Internal projects funded by BUEM Grant Agency

Internal projects focus on topics of basic and applied research in public administration and regional development. It is funded via the Grant Agency of BUEM, which was established on 1st of September, 2007. The mission of the Agency is to provide funding for research projects focused on relevant, current and perspective topics in public administration and regional development. The Agency provides the financial support from the Fund for science and research of BUEM, which administers the allocated resources. Financial support can be applied for by researchers or research teams chiefly made up of BUEM employees. However, mixed teams and cooperative and international projects are preferred.

Since the beginning of its existence, the Grant Agency of BUEM has supported the following research projects:

IGP 1/2016 Nová paradigma rozvoja sociálnych systémov v Európe doc. Ing. Iveta Dudová, PhD. 2016 – 2018
IGP 2/2016 Podiel vybraných atribútov manažérskej práce na kreovanie interného prostredia podporujúceho konkurencieschopnosť podniku doc. Ing. Katarína Stachová, PhD. 2016 – 2018
IGP 3/2016 Hodnotenie kompetencií projektových manažérov v malých a stredných podnikoch v regiónoch SR
Ing. Hana Krchová, Ph.D. 2016 – 2018
IGP 1/2015 City Benchmarking in Slovakia 2015-2016 prof.  Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc. 2015 – 2016
IGP 2/2015 Current state and prospects of development of public administration prof. JUDr. Peter Škultéty, DrSc. 2015 – 2017
IGP 3/2015 Public policy as a way of fulfilling the social dimension of the European Union prof. Ing. Vojtech Stanek, PhD. 2015 – 2017
IGP 4/2015 Financial accounting in the context of the Financial audit output in the small and middle enterprises and in the self - government organizations prof. Ing. Nora Štangová, CSc. 2015 – 2016
IGP 5/2015

Perspectives of operation of small schools in Slovak Republic depending to the demographic development

doc. Ing. Elena Beňová, PhD. 2015 – 2016
IGP 6/2015 Analysis of internal and external environment of small and medium sized enterprises in conditions of Slovak Republic doc. Ing. Monika Hudáková, PhD. 2015 – 2016
IGP 1/2014 Institutional preconditions and management of migration processes in Europe and in the reality of Slovakia and the Czech Republic prof.  Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc. 2014 – 2015
IGP 2/2014 Dictionary of public administration prof.  Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc. 2014 – 2015
IGP 3/2014 SME risk insurance in the insurance market prof. Ing. Viktória Čejková, PhD. 2014 – 2015
IGP 5/2014 Building a regional information system for regional self-government
Ing. Ivana Gecíková,   PhD. 2014 – 2016
IGP 6/2014 Education management in public administration PhDr. Silvia Matúšová, PhD.  2014 – 2016 
IGP 7/2014 Corporate responsibility in SMEs as an instrument of regional development
doc. Ing. Helena Schurmann, PhD. 2014 – 2015
IGP 8/2014 Current company diagnosing methods Ing. Marián Židó, PhD.  2014 – 2016 
IGP 9/2014 The role of public administration organs in a state of crisis prof. dr. Štefan Volner, CSc.  2014 – 2015  
IGP 1/2013 Legal Dimensions of Dependent Labor – Its Status Quo and Perspectives prof. JUDr. Jozef Kuril, CSc. 2013 – 2015
IGP 2/2013 European Social Systems – Operation, Present and Future From the Point of View of Fulfilling the Strategy of Sustainable, inclusive and intelligent Growth doc. Ing. Iveta Dudová, PhD. 2013 – 2015
IGP 3/2013 Key Functions of HR Management in the Context of Development of Organizations Operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia Ing. Zdenko Stacho, PhD. 2013 – 2015
IGP 4/2013  Factors in Sustainable Growth of Organizations in a New Era of Entrepreneurship Ing. Katarína Stachová, PhD.  2013 – 2015 
IGP 5/2013 Project Management in Self-Government Organizations JUDr. Ing. Jaroslav Dobiš, PhD.  2013 – 2014 
IGP 6/2013 Comparative analysis of the Marketing Subconceptions of Services, Tourism and Place  prof. Ing. Kristína Viestová, CSc.  2013 – 2015 
IGP 9/2013 Selected Elements in the Strategy of Global Social and Economic Development  doc. Ing. Viliam Kováč, CSc.  2013 
IGP 10/2013 Determinants in regional SME development in a specific environment prof. Ing. Vladimír Gozora, PhD.  2013 – 2015
IGP 11/2013 Supporting SME development as a guarantee of regional development prof. Ing. Alena Daňková, CSc.  2013 – 2014 
IGP 3/2012 New Model of Social and Environmental Sustainability of Slovakia prof. RNDr. Koloman Ivanička, DrSc. 2010 – 2013
IGP 4/2012  Changes in the Accounting of Budgetary Organizations Following EU Accession and their Impact On the Use of Public Finances  prof. Ing. Nora Štangová, CSc.  2010 – 2013
IGP 5/2012  Selected Economic Policies of the EU  doc. Ing. Viliam Kováč, CSc.  2012 
IGP 6/2012  Third Phase of Decentralization of Public Administration prof. Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc.  2012 – 2014 
IGP 72012  Sports and Physical Leisure Activities of Students of Selected Private Higher Education Institutions Ing. František Kubala  2012 – 2013 
IGP 1/2011 The impacts of fiscal decentralization in the Slovac Republic prof. Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc 2011 – 2012
IGP 2/2011 Ethics in Public Administration Mgr. Ing. Jaroslav Dobiš, PhD. 2011 – 2013
IGP 3/2011  Environmental Economics and the Mechanisms in Public Administration in Environmental Protection doc. Ing. Eva Romančíková, CSc.  2011 – 2013 
IGP 4/2011  EU Regional Policy doc. Ing. Viliam Kováč, CSc.  2011 
IGP 5/2011 Benchmarking Towns in Slovakia 2011 – 2012 prof. Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc.  2011 – 2012 
IGP 1/2010 Ways of Measuring Civil Security Ing. Stanislav Filip, PhD. 2010 – 2012
IGP 2/2010 Quality of Self-Government Management on Local Levels doc. Ing. Anna Belajová, PhD. 2010 – 2012
IGP 3/2011  Entrepreneurship and Management of the Organizations of the Future (in a New Civilization Era) prof. Ing. Mikuláš Sedlák, CSc.  2010 – 2012
IGP 4/2010  New Trends in Economics and Public Administration Management prof. Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc.  2010 – 2011 
IGP 5/2010 Legal Aspects of Public Administration prof. JUDr. Peter Škultéty, DrSc.  2010 – 2012
IGP 6/2010 Current Trends in Global Economics and the Knowledge Economy PhDr. Jana Gašparíková, PhD.  2010 – 2012 
IGP 10/2010 Systemic Approach to Developing the Knowledge Potential in Self-Government Employes Ing. Mária Šamierová, CSc.  2010 – 2012 
IGP 11/2010 Analysis of study decision-making of VSEMvs students doc. PhDr. Zoltán Rózsa, PhD.  2010 – 2012 
IGP 12/2010 Comparison of the Status of Public and Private Higher Education institutions in Selected EU Countries  Ing. Ľuboš Cibák, PhD., MBA  2010 – 2011 
IGP 13/2010  Creating a Teaching and Methodological Aid for the Subject General Economic Theory and Macro- and Microeconomics for Distance Study – Pilot Project of Distance Teaching  doc. Ing. Judita Táncošová, CSc.  2010 – 2011 
IGP 14/2010 Creating a Collection of Teaching Texts and Methodological Aids for the Subject Funding of Public Utility Organizations  doc. Ing. Elena Beňová, PhD.  2010 – 2011 
IGP 1/2009 Benchmarking Towns in Slovakia prof. Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc. 2009 – 2010
IGP 2/2009 Model of Communal Reform in Slovakia prof. Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc. 2009 – 2010
IGP 3/2009  HR Development in SMEs as a Factor in the Growth of a Selected Region doc. Ing. Alena Daňková, CSc. 2009 – 2011
IGP 4/2009  Methodology of Designing Study Programs in the Study Field 3.3.5. Public Administration and Regional Development prof. Ing. Štefan Slávik, CSc. 2009 – 2010 
IGP 5/2009 Dynamic and Economic System (Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives) doc. dr. Štefan Volner, CSc. 2009 – 2009
IGP 6/2009  Regional Disparities in SME Entrepreneurship prof. Ing. Vladimír Gozora, PhD.  2009 – 2011 
IGP 7/2009  Transformation and Further Development of the Management in Public Administration in Slovakia  prof. Ing. Viera Cibáková, CSc.  2009 
IGP 8/2009  Regional Centres (Self-government and Regional Prognostics)  PhDr. Jana Gašparíková, PhD.  2009 – 2012