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MBA - Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Administration – For Local goverment


Technological progress, social and economic transformation pose new challenges for contemporary leaders. The goal of the Master of Business Administration Studies - for local government is the versatile and comprehensive preparation of competent, responsible, and valiant leaders to manage local government units in a changing, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous external environment.

The study programme is a personalised and compatible offer that meets the needs and challenges of the contemporary development leader in local government units. It presumes equipping participants with soft leadership competences, cross-sectional knowledge in the field of ​​management and also takes up many important legal aspects for the effective management of local government units.

At the same time, completion of MBA studies for local government gives the participants the a chance to apply for membership in the supervisory boards of state-owned and municipal companies.


Graduates of the MBA postgraduate studies acquire education which constitutes a criterion for sitting on the supervisory boards of companies with State Treasury shareholding (Article 19 sec. 1 (1) (c) of the Act of 16 December, 2016 - on the principles of state property management (Journal of Laws of 2019, items 1302, 1309, 1571, and 1655).


  • Managing leaders in local governments, municipal companies
  • Clerks (municipal offices, community councils, marshal’s offices, districts, companies)
  • Politicians,
  • Opinion leaders  
  • Councillors



  • the organisation of the studies is based on the Integrated learning (IL)* model,
  • The Experts' Lodge - this is a series of supplementary lectures conducted by high-class expert-practitioners in the field covered by the subject of the speech. The assumption of this cycle is to present the contemporary trends in management, important topics resulting from changes taking place in the organisation's business environment,
  •  the possibility of obtaining additional certificates during the studies (Nesse)
  • the classes are conducted by experts, practitioners in a given field,
  • a workshop nature of the classes: orientation on training practical skills in relation to real cases (case study),
  • DC managerial competence diagnostic workshop prior to starting the classes.


  • the study programme includes 4 modules constituting the programme’s core
  • duration: 1 year, 3 semesters
  • classroom and online classes are conducted as part of lectures, including special lectures, exercises, and student’s own work,
  • the classes are conducted on a weekend basis on Saturdays and Sundays, excluding bank holidays, holidays, and free weekends,
  • location where the classes are conducted: SOSNOWIEC/GLIWICE.