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International relations

International relations

One of the long-term international relations goals of the school is to establish international contacts with the aim of mutual cooperation, and exchange of knowledge and experience with universities and international institutions operating in fields related to those of BUEM. The school increases the cooperation in R&D activities on the international level in various forms, so that both economic practice and instruction at BUEM can benefit from the outcomes of the cooperation. The outcomes of international cooperation achieved thus far can only confirm that the long-term goal is being fulfilled.

BUEM Priorities for the Development of International Relations

  1. Internationalization of the study
  2. Development of international cooperation
  3. Obtaining the Erasmus Charter to implement student and teacher mobility
  4. Involvement in international R&D projects
  5. Actively participate as member in international institutions

Based on undertaking action in each of the priorities, BUEM is becoming a full-fledged part of the European Higher Education Area and forms the conditions that will improve the adaptability and competitiveness of its graduates in the European environment.