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Rigorous proceeding

Rigorous proceeding

Bratislava University of Economics and Management offers rigorous examinations and rigorous thesis defence in the following fields and programs:

  • study field: Economics and Management
    study program: Public Administration
    study program: Management of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship
in order to obtain the academic title „Doctor of Philosophy“  (abbr. PhDr.) by Act No. 131/2002 Coll. on higher education as modified, § 53, paragraphs 8 and 9 and the internal regulation „Rector’s Directive no. 3/2014  on rigorous examination and rigorous thesis defence at BUEM“.
By passing the rigorous examination and defending the rigorous thesis, the graduate demonstrates deeper knowledge in his field and is able to autonomously gain new research and practical knowledge, and is able to creatively apply these in practice.

Rigorous examinations may be applied to by graduates who have had a minimum one year work experience and who hold the academic title „Master“ in Public Administration and Regional Development or Economics and Management.

German speaking candidates can contact our official cooperation partner the POBS private online business school.
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