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Postgraduate degree

Doctoral study (PhD.)

Fields of Study and Study Programs in English

Following the opinion of the Accreditation Commission and after delivering the decision on the granting of rights by the Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic, from the academic year 2020/2021 Bratislava University of Economics and Management  is entitled to award an academic degree Philosophiae doctor “PhD.” to graduates of full-time and part-time studies in doctoral study programs Management of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship and Public Administration in the field of study Economics and Management.

In the field of study Economics and Management the following accredited study programs are offered:

 Doctoral study program
 Public Administration
   Philosophiae doctor "PhD."   full-time
  3 years
  4 years 

Doctoral study program

Management of Small 

and Medium Entrepreneurship 

   Philosophiae doctor "PhD."   full-time
  3 years
  4 years 



1. The admission procedure is carried out on the basis of an entrance examination before the admission committee. The committee is appointed by the Rector of BUEM on the proposal of the programme committee's chairman.

2. The applicant applies in writing to one of the listed dissertation topics.

3. The entrance examination is carried out in accredited study programmes, has a combined form and consists of the following:

a. an academic part related to the selected study program and the dissertation topic. Applicant shall apply in writing and shall prepare a framework project in the form of a thesis related to the dissertation topic (5 - 10 A4 pages with approximately 9.000 - 18.000 characters) in the state language, or in English;

b. an English language part with an aim to assess applicant's communication skills;

c. an administrative part focusing on the fulfilment of other conditions determined by the University, including a motivation letter explaining the prospects of doctoral studies for the applicant;

d. and an extra part proving his/her participation in scientific research, publishing activities in scientific/professional journals, completion of the relevant state language examination, etc.

4. Preconditions of the admission

a.  successful completion of the 2nd degree of the study (master or engineering) in the field of economics and management or in a related field of study,

b.  knowledge of English.

5. The applicant applies to studies at BUEM by submitting an application for the selected form of studies and the selected study programme within the set deadline.

6. Applications shall be submitted by the 30th of April each year. The applicant may submit only one application to the study programme Economics and Management and select only one form of the study (full-time or part-time).

7. The application form needs to be submitted in an electronically. The application form is available below.

8. The application form includes:

a.       name, surname, date and place of birth, residence,

b.       selected study program and selected dissertation topic,

c.       selected form of the study.

9. The attachments to the application form should cover:

a.       curriculum vitae (in Slovak or English),

b.       officially certified copies of higher education diplomas;

c.       list of published articles or results of other academic activities,

d.       original proof of the application fee payment.

10. The Rector of BUEM decides upon the admission or non-admission of applicants on the basis of the admission committee's recommendation and on the basis of the principles approved by the academic senate of BUEM.

11. The decision on the result of the admission procedure will be sent to the applicants within 30 days.

12. The university is responsible for the accuracy of data and their protection. The applicant's personal data is used only for the purposes of the admission procedure and may not be used for other purposes.

Application for doctoral studies

Topics of Dissertations for AY 2022/2023 (Small and medium Management) English program
Topics of Dissertations for AY 2022/2023 (Public Administration) English program

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