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Human Potential Development in Central and Eastern EU States

The main goal of the long-term research project "Human Potential Development in Central and Eastern EU States" (HPD CEEUS) is to build a system of cooperation among the academic institutions involved and to perform research in the field of strategic development of human potential. To coordinate the activities of members of the academic network, an organizational board has been established by the representatives of Lithuanian, Polish, Slovak and Croatian schools. 

The academic network was established as the climax of the active cooperation of higher education pedagogues and research workers, involved in management and development of human potential. HPD CEEUS continuously reacts to the challenges of the global world, creates knowledge of significant value for the strategic development of human potential, ensures fast and high-quality incorporation of new ideas into the study process and into practical activities of organizations, and is therefore worthy of attention to all those interested in modern strategic development ideas pertaining to human potential. 

The network brings together the strengths of its members to design the Master and Doctoral levels of study, to design shared study programs, to participate in EU FP7 and other EU programs oriented on continuous development of science.

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