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Introduction and brief characteristics of the objectives of NISPAcee

NISPACee is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental international organization, whose role is to facilitate the cooperation among institutions of public administration in Central and Eastern Europe by means of various activities. NISPAcee operates chiefly in the fields of assistance, mediation and realization of common research and training programs in the field of public administration and discussion among instructors, civil servants, lecturers and public sector managers and politicians.
The core of NISPAcee activities is the support of the development of disciplines in the field of public administration, research and training programs in Central and Eastern Europe.

Part of its mission is also to support the development of human resources in the field of public administration by means of spreading best practice in professional public management, public policy and governance; and to assist in the process of overall political and economic change by way of effective public service. An integral part of NISPACee mission is establishing conditions that will help enhance professionalism in state administration and self-government, by means of establishing contacts among government representatives responsible for public service and representantives and consultants from member institutions.

In the course of its existence, NISPAcee has established a functioning network of school, institutes and individuals. At present, NISPAcee is the source of expertise, experience, knowledge and information. It si considered an important international organization not only within the region, but it is also acknowledged by Western and international organizations. NISPAcee has over 125 training and educational member institutions within the region and about 40 Western associated institutions. Member institutions are located in CEE, including new EU member states, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The most important activities of NISPAcee are, among others, organizing annual conferences, summer seminars, training programs, specialized conferences; publishing an information periodical and proceedings from summer courses, annual conferences and other events; publishing textbooks, research reports and training manuals; publishing series of research articles about public administration and public policy, translations of textbooks and other relevant texts into the languages of CEE; managing research groups and projects. NISPAcee has also established cooperation with relevant international, Western and US institutions. NISPAcee cooperates closely with national associations of public administration in selected CEE countries and also supports the establishment and development of such associations in other countries.

Objectives of the association

The main objective of NISPAcee is to strengthen work contacts with multinational governmental organizations, such as EU, CoE, UN and OECD. NISPAcee aims to familiarize these organizations with the role and potential NISPACee has in issues of public policy and public administration in the CEE region.
NISPAcee has accepted the invitation to cooperate within the United
Nations Public Administration Network. Since 2004, NISPAcee has been the regional centre for CEE, Caucasus and Central Asia within UNPAN.
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