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Premises and IT equipment

Premises and IT equipment


The headquarters of Bratislava University of Economics and Management is currently located in a newly reconstructed area of a spacious administrative and multifunctional building in Furdekova street in Bratislava. The floor area of the building amounts to almost 8,000 sq.m. and is largely at the disposal of BUEM. The building has undergone reconstruction involving the replacement of all networks and infrastructure.

The most significant added value in providing for the realization of study programs are BUEM lecture premises. There are 6 lecture rooms which can accommodate a minimum of 120/170 persons each. The lecture rooms are designed in such a way that they can be connected and create a space of up to 450 seats. The size of the rooms can thus be adjusted to the number of students of a particular study programme and study year. The overall capacity is 738 seats. The rooms can be connected and divided using a system of soundproofed sliding doors made in Belgium by a specialized manufacturer. Adjusting the size and disposition of the lecture room takes no more than 2-3 minutes. All technical systems and teaching aids (audio-, videosystems, lighting, air conditioning) are adjusted automatically.

Besides these six modular lecture rooms there is an opportunity to use six independent seminar rooms which can seat up to 40 persons. The spatial organization of these rooms can be adjusted to host larger meetings, meetings of the research council, and final state examinations and thesis defenses.

The common premises also include specialized consultation rooms. Consultation hours are thus held in specialized spaces accessible to students directly from the communal spaces.

IT Equipment

BUEM considers it highest priority to gradually build and improve its IT infrastructure. The strategic goal of BUEM is to achieve, via pioneer effort and progressive use of ICT, a level of the teaching process which shall form the basis for comparative advantage of BUEM. The focus lies not only on an extensive passive use of ICT but a gradual digitalization of the whole teaching process. This means not only securing an efficient and effective academic information system, but also a virtual digitalization of the teaching process in all its stages – in teaching preparation, during the teaching unit and in teaching evaluation; and as well for direct as for indirect teaching activities.

It is one of BUEM priorities to enhance the ICT capacity and internet connections year-on-year, be it in computer rooms and internet study rooms or at publicly accessible terminals so as to provide ideal access to both internal and external information sources.

BUEM maintains an internet study room with 20 laptops connected to the internet available for students.
At the start of the academic year 2012/2013 further 6 computer terminals with touchscreens and internet connections have been made available in the Furdekova street premises. These are located in the communal space of the lobby adjacent to lecture rooms and provide the students with access to information sources in their free time and during breaks.

In order to maintain both teaching and internal processes BUEM uses several interconnected information systems. The majority of these has been developed specifically for BUEM and is continuously being enhanced to meet the specific needs of BUEM.

BUEM focuses on a gradual integration of the individual portals and parts of its information systems into a unified corporate information visual identity with uniform navigation and design. Another area of focus is to gradually make accessible selected IS data so that each student can access his data and update it, see his results and evaluations and communicate with his/her teachers.

The objective of further development of all information systems and IT infrastructure is to achieve a maximum level of digitalizing of the teaching process, which shall reduce technical and procedural issues in the teaching process itself. Maximum effort is dedicated to systematically enhancing the quality of the teaching process.

IT infrastructure of the school is currently on a very high level and bears comparison to any school of similar orientation and size. BUEM has the ambition to rank among schools which represent the best example for other institutions as for the size and efficiency of employing ICT in the teaching process mainly in the area of extent and complexity of digitalizing the teaching process.

BUEM takes particular interest in creating such a form of the teaching process which would enable each student to maximize the benefits of his study and each teacher to convey to her students the maximum amount of her knowledge and skills.