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Joint Master’s Degree Program

Joint Master’s Degree Programs with focus on IT

Study program
 Management of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship
Study field
 Economics and Management
Degree Awarded  Master (Mgr.)

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Business analysis and information systems in entrepreneurship

Software engineering and business analysis

Software engineering in entrepreneurship

International business analysis

Artificial intelligence and information systems in entrepreneurship

Information and communication systems in entrepreneurship

The joint master’s degree study programs of Bratislava University of Economics and Management  (BUEM) in the Slovak Republic  and particular partner university is offered only to graduates of bachelor study programs focused on programming and IT analyses. The joint master’s degree study programs are aimed at deepening the knowledge and skills of programming and IT analyses in the business environment and acquiring the fundamentals of economics and business management.

Graduate profile
The graduate profile is based on the requirements of the IT sector of the SR represented by ITAS and the objectives of the National Digital Coalition, signed by Bratislava University of Economics and Management  The graduate profile is also created in accordance with the commitment of BUEM which declared as its contribution to meeting the goals of the coalition. In it it undertakes to prepare qualified staff with digital, project and managerial competencies for the public and business sectors.
The graduate profile complies with the requirements enunciated in the document "Specification of ITAT Jobs Requirements for the Years 2017 - 2020 in the Slovak Republic".

BUEM in cooperation with particular partner university by establishing a joint master’s degree program creates conditions for students to acquire specific knowledge, skills and competencies corresponding to the Bilateral agreement between the universities and Decision of the Ministry of Education, Science, research and Sports of the Slovak Republic about particular Joint masters´s degree programs.

Partner University

In cooperation with following universities BUEM is preparing similar Joint Masters´s Degree Programs