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Outgoing students – study

ERASMUS Students – study

General Informations

An ERASMUS+ study placement is a student's mobility for the purpose of studying abroad (at one of the partner universities) while studying at the home university. For an ERASMUS+ study placement (study mobility), the student receives partial financial support from the European Union. The study placement is carried out on the basis of a study agreement between the sending university, the receiving university and the student under the terms of the programme and is fully recognised by the home higher education institution. Upon completion of the study period abroad, the student will receive a written confirmation of the completion of the agreed study period, stating the period of completion and a statement of the study results achieved (TOR – Transcript of records). The ERASMUS+ Study Abroad thus replaces a comparable period of study at the home HEI, while the results of the study at the foreign HEI are recognised to the student upon completion of the study stay on the basis of the study agreement and a specific statement of the results of the study at the partner HEI abroad.

For whom is Erasmus+ aimed?

Student mobility for the purpose of study is open to students of all degrees, forms and programmes of study at the BUEM. Bachelor, Master or PhD students. The program is focused both on full-time students as well as for part-time students.

Duration of Mobility

Study: 3-12 months on each cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD.)

A student may also participate in a study placement repeatedly, up to a maximum of 12 months in total at each level of study (ERASMUS+ placements or previous study and placement mobility under the ERASMUS+ LLP are also counted).


In the 1st year , winter semester of the Bc he/she can apply for the Upcoming semester abroad, e.g. Summer (Spring term). In the 2nd year of the studies student could go abroad again for Autumn or Winter semester. And in the 3rd year of Bachelor studies, he or she could take a part on traineeship fo 2-3 months abroad, even after state exams. While completing the Bc. studies, he/she can still complete e.g. a 12-months (1 whole academic year) study mobility or a 1 semester mobility and a 2 or 3 months ERASMUS+ traineeship abroad (but he/she must apply for it, while she/he is still student on our Uni). On the PhD. Level she/he could take a part on mobility not longer than 12 months during whole study PhD. Period. All those opportunities are available for daily, part-time students of BUEM studying in Slovak/English language.

How to apply?

  • The student chooses from the list of ERASMUS+ partners the university.
  • Student completes the ERASMUS+ application form in paper form: the ERASMUS+ application form or also in digital form: the APPLICATION FORM. The study proposal should be filled in with regard to the curriculum at the BUEM home university. Student can find information about the offered courses on host university on their website or on request from departmental Erasmus+ coordinator. The student is required to "achieve" a minimum of 20 credits from his/her studies at the hist university during mobility. As an attachment to the application form, the student submits: CV (in English or in the language in which he/she will be studying on host university).; Motivation letter (in English or in the language in which he/she will be studying on host university).
  • The filled ERASMUS+ application form must be submitted by the student within the deadline set according to the current selection procedure. Attendance in person at the selection procedure is required. In case of any obstacles to miss personal participation in the selection procedure is possible online participation. The selection procedure is performed in accordance with the Statute of the Mobility Selection Committee.
  • Once the results of the selection procedure have been published, the student will contact the ERASMUS+ Coordinator for further instructions. As part of this, the student fills up, signs a Learning Agreement. Students will fill up Tables A and B of the Learning Agreement after consulting with the ERASMUS+ Coordinator about the selected courses. Once the Learning Agreement has been approved, signed by the student, the sending institution, the document is sent to the Host university. After, it has been confirmed by Host university, students will receive acceptance letter issued by Host university. The foreign university may require the student to register online, i.e. to fill in the online application form and the online agreement on the content of the studies, with all necessary details which they require. The student must follow the requirements of the HOST university, otherwise the university will not accept the student for the ERASMUS+ study placement.
  • After the confirmation from the foreign university, Erasmus+ coordinator of sending University of the student (BUEM) will issue - the Contract on the provision of financial support for studies and the relevant attachments. The application for an individual study plan for the purpose of fulfilling the study obligations during the trip is also part of the mobility abroad.

Before Mobility:

  • What should a student do before travelling abroad?
    • Compulsory health insurance - the student can use the European Health Insurance Card for this purpose, but is strongly advised to purchase commercial insurance to cover medical care abroad (Travel insurance with coverage of accidents abroad is also recommended)
    • Accommodation, Transportation - Arrangements related to the stay abroad during the studies are entirely at the student's own responsibility, in case the selected foreign university has accommodation facilities, the ERASMUS+ student has the right to apply for accommodation in this facility.
  • Before signing the Study Grant Agreement (ERASMUS+ Grant)
    • The student is required to submit the following documents (to the ERASMUS+ coordinator). A photocopy of the European Health Insurance Card, and/or a copy of the commercial insurance contract, including proof of payment of the insurance premium. Confirmation of a bank account in the student's name (the account holder must be the student and it supposed to be a bank in the Slovak Republic). The confirmation must be up-to-date and signed by the student, thereby indicating agreement with the information given. The confirmation also contains the following data (Name and surname of the account holder; Address of permanent residence of the account holder; Account number; IBAN; BIC/SWIFT) The decision granting the social grant, if the student is a recipient.
    • The student who will be receiving a social grant during the ERASMUS+ study stay will provide the decision on the social grant for the academic year in question. This decision can also be delivered to the ERASMUS+ Coordinator by post or by an authorised person.
    • Students with disabilities or special needs may apply for a special allowance.
  • ERASMUS+ grant agreement
    • The student who has submitted all the above mentioned documents will be invited to sign the contract (the contract must be signed by the student in person)
    • The contract contains certain minimum requirements given by the conditions of the programme, including sanctions for non-compliance with certain rules or deadlines, but also defining the rights and obligations of the ERASMUS+ student.

DURING Mobility

  • The student is governed by the current legislation of the Slovak Republic and the host country in relation to the obligations to report his/her residence to the relevant authorities (further information and support is provided by the coordinator at the partner university abroad).
  • In the event that upon arrival at the receiving (HOST) university the chosen subjects are not taught, cancelled, not provided as stated in the Learning Agreement, the STUDENT has to request a list of the actual courses offered in Semester and contact the ERASMUS+ coordinator of sending institution in order to agree on changes, which will be completed on the form Learning Agreement - Changes to the Original Proposed Learning Agreement. Changes during mobility must be stated in the Table C - on the page No.2. Once the relevant changes have been confirmed and consulted with Erasmus+ coordinator of sending Institution and receiving Institution, the student will wait for confirmation, signatures of the HOST and SENDING Institution.
  • In case of any problems during the study abroad, the student should contact the BUEM ERASMUS+ Coordinator (sending Institution) + HOST University ERASMUS+ coordinator.

After Mobility:

  • Certificate on the duration of ERASMUS+ mobility - study The start and end date of the study should be the same as the duration of ERASMUS+ mobility in the ERASMUS+ grant agreement (in case of confirmation of a shorter duration, the student is obliged to return the aliquot part of the granted grant). It is necessary to submit the original form.
  • Transcript of Records at a foreign institution with ECTS credits, including a description of the grading system of the given university. Report from ERASMUS+ mobility.
  • The student fills in the ERASMUS+ mobility report via the online tool of the European Union. Information on access to the report and a direct link to fill out the report will be sent to the students e-mail address. After filling out and sending the report, the student prints it, signs it and hands it over to the representative of the ERASMUS+ coordinator.
  • The student fills out the Application for Recognition of Foreign Mobility Subjects and submits it to the ERASMUS+ coordinator.