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Outgoing students - traineeship

ERASMUS+ Traineeship (Praktikum)

General provisions

An Traineeship is a period that a student spends in a company or in another organization (company, non-profit organization, civic association, foundation, public administration institution, etc.) abroad within the countries involved in the ERASMUS+ program, while during this period the student can receive partial financial support from the European Union. The goal of the Traineeship is primarily to help students adapt to the requirements of the labor market of the European Community. Students and graduates of BUEM have the opportunity to acquire work habits, professional and practical skills, learn about their possibilities and abilities and thus improve their applicability on the labour market. Last but not least, through adopting the economic and social conditions in the host country, to get the possibility of applying them in the home country.

For whom is Traineeship available

  • For every enrolled student or graduate of BUEM who is a citizen of the Slovak Republic, an EU member state or other countries that participate in the program or has a permanent/temporary residence in the Slovak Republic, is stateless or has refugee status in the Slovak Republic.
  • A student studying at a Slovak university with permanent residence outside Slovakia cannot participate in mobility to the country where he has permanent residence.
  • A graduate of BUEM can carry out an Traineeship within 1 year of graduation, but he must participate in the selection process while he/she is still a student.

Financial support

The amount of the grant depends on the country of implementation of the Traineeship.
Financial support is divided into 2 groups based on countries where will be the praxis done:

  • 670€ / month for Traineeship = Countries with low cost of living: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Turkey, Serbia
  • 720€ / month for Traineeship = Countries with high and medium cost of living: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway, Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Netherlands, Malta, Portugal


Duration of Traineeship

The Traineeship can be carried out in a duration minimum 2 to maximum 12 months, however, due to capacity reasons, financial support from ERASMUS+ can be provided for a maximum period of 3 months. A student/graduate student can take part on ERASMUS+ mobility for a maximum of 12 months within one degree (bachelor/masters/ PhD. degree).

Place & focus of Traineeship

The Traineeship can be carried out in areas related to the students/graduates in the field of study in the following types of organizations: business companies, public administration bodies at any level, non-profit organizations, training and research centers, other organizations, including higher education institutions involved in economic activity in the public or private sector, regardless of their size, legal form, economic sector in which they operate, including the social sphere of the economy.  A student can find an Traineeship by himself on the following websites:

We specifically draw attention to the possibility of completing a work Traineeship at a partner institution of the Internationaler Bund (exclusively in the German language). A student can do a work placement in EU member countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Turkey and Macedonia. The Traineeship cannot be implemented in European institutions and other EU bodies, including European agencies, in organizations that manage European programs.

How to apply for ERASMUS+ Traineeships

  • Selection of the host organization
    The first step in the preparation of mobility for the purpose of an Traineeship is the selection of the host organization and consultation of the appropriateness of the focus of the Traineeship with regard to the students/graduates field of study. Subsequently, it is necessary to obtain a document on the preliminary acceptance of the student for an ERASMUS+ Traineeship. The acceptance letter must be drawn up on the letterhead of the receiving organization. The acceptance letter must be stamped and signed by the consultant (supervisor - the person responsible for supervising the student).
  • Selection procedure
    The next step after choosing the destination is to prepare all the necessary for the selection procedure. Mandatory components that the student prepares for the selection procedure: Preliminary consent to the implementation of the Traineeship - Acceptance letter Transcript of exams (study department, free of charge) Curriculum vitae in English , Motivation letter in English or in the language of the Traineeship for the selection process can be submitted by the student at any time during the academic year. This is followed by personal participation at the announced date of the selection procedure, which takes place in accordance with the Statute of the commission for the selection of applicants for mobility within the ERASMUS+ program. The criteria for the selection of applicants and their point weighting are also part of the statute.

Before Traineeships

  • Traineeship work plan
    After successful completion of the selection procedure, the successful applicant must fill out the Learning Agreement for Traineeship form in cooperation with the ERASMUS+ coordinator and in agreement with the designated tutor in the host organization. Only when the host organization returns the signed Traineeship Agreement can the student be sent. It is necessary to submit the with sufficient time in advance.
  • Acceptance and transmission procedure
    The following must be submitted before departure:
    • Submit a copy of the contract for a current account in any bank in the Slovak Republic in your own name (account number and address of the bank branch)
    • Secure and bring a certificate of insurance for the entire duration of your stay (details - INSURANCE) 
    • Sign the Grant Agreement - in person after submitting all Based on the Grant Agreement, the student will receive a financial grant on his account. The grant is a grant for mobility and is intended to finance the students costs that arise in connection with the students stay abroad (insurance, travel , accommodation, food, etc.).

During Traineeship

During the stay, the student observes the rules valid in the host organization and follows the instructions of the tutor, or supervisors. In case of any problems, contact the coordinator at the sending university. Necessary changes in the Traineeship Agreement must be made within 30 days of starting the Traineeship and must be formally and approved by the receiving and sending institution, as well as the student.

After Traineeship

After returning from mobility, according to the grant agreement, the following must be submitted within 30 days:

  • Traineeship certificate
    Traineeship certificate is a in which the foreign supervisor evaluates all aspects of the student/graduates work in the organization. The supervisor evaluates the acquired knowledge, skills, intellectual and practical, as well as the competences acquired during the ERASMUS+ practical Traineeship. This must contain the original signature of the supervisor, the stamp of the company/company and the date of issue. The foreign employer will prepare the work evaluation in accordance with the contents of the Traineeship Agreement.
  • Students Traineeship report (to be completed online). The Erasmus+ mobility report is filled out by the student through the information he receives to his e-mail address on the day the mobility ends. In case of non-submission of the , the student may be obliged to return the grant in accordance with the grant agreement.