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Public Administration Institute

Public Administration Institute

Head of Institute prof. Mikuláš SIDAK, DrSc. 



The Public Administration Institute consists of these departments:

  • Department of Public Administration and Regional Development
  • Department of Administrative Law and European Law
  • Department of E-Government and Digital Technologies

The institute provides instruction in the study programs of Bachelor and Master levels in the study field Economics and Management.

The graduates of the Bachelor stage are able to take the positions of professionals in public administration institutions and in businesses and institutions of the public sector. They have both theoretical and practical knowledge of the national economy and its branches and regional structures, methods and techniques of collecting, processing and evaluating data, and of the management of institutions of public administration and public sector.
Graduates from the MA stage of the study are ready to hold managing positions in organs of public administration and public sector. The graduates demonstrate an integrated system of knowledge of economic sciences, public administration theory, legal, social and political sciences, as well as knowledge of national and European conditions for the application thereof in the practice of organs of public administration and institutions of the public sector.

The research projects implemented by the departments of the instute are predominantly projects of applied research aiming at increasing the active impact of the school on the processes of modernizing the public administration system on all levels – central, regional and local.