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Sports and leisure activities

Sports and leisure activities

One of the attributes of the quality level of a school is the attention it pays to it’s students’ well-being. Part of this is providing an opportunity for physical activities. The European Commission for Education of the Council of Europe has identified 8 key competences which represent the basic orientation of the educational system as well as particular approach to the implementation of National Programme of Upbringing and Education in the Slovak Republic.

In the educational process sports are used as a pedagogical and social factor supporting active health and fitness, which helps influence the intellectual, social and physical development of students in tertiary education. The role of sports is to offset the one-sided study strain and support the prevention of risk factors of lifestyle such as smoking or obesity. The contents of sports activities influence social understanding, networking, responsibility and cooperation.

In implementing leisure activities progressive forms of teaching are used in order to maintain the quality of education by introducing students to the practical workings of public administration in selected regions of Slovakia.

The mission of the Department of sports and leisure activities is to make the study and education appealing by offering sports activities and by organizing sports events, and to form conditions which would enable students to represent the school in sports events and competitions.

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