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Circular Society Challenges in the Economy 4.0 (CSCE40)

Circular Society Challenges in the Economy 4.0 (CSCE40)

18. apríla 2023

The main aim of the Workshop “CSCE40” is to provide university students with a more in-depth theoretical frame for a systematic study of green development in general, as well as in the context of related study fields as Economics, Management, and Public Administration. The students participating at the CSCE40 should acquire knowledge, competencies, and methods of regional development, specifically in the circular society.
The workshop is based on principal EU documents in circular economy trends.
• Circular challenges of the nowadays world
• Lecturer: Rhys Evans, University College for Green Development, Norway
• Circular Economy – linked with Adam Smith
• Circular Society – form Economics into social sciences and to show how we can reach the “stars” if we are connected together
• Working with technology
• Engagement of students in social participation
Format: Presentation and discussion, problem-solving – case studies.


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